MasterCard Titanium GBP

Go beyond gold

The MasterCard Titanium GBP card is a credit card in English Sterling Pound (GBP) where the cardholder will be able to spend in GBP and get billed in GBP for cash advances, purchases, tours, visits, and accommodation without incurring any currency exchange fees.

This product is addressed to existing and/or new clients:

- It targets frequent travelers to Great Britain who want to spend and get billed in GBP.

- It targets Bank Audi clients or other clients who hold a bank account in GBP

Superior Insurrance Program

Just by holding the MasterCard Titanium in GBP, you will get peace of mind through an extensive insurance coverage, such as:

- Travel Accident and Medical Emergency Insurance Policy up to $250,000.

This policy covers you against accidental death and medical expenses arising from accidents during a trip for a period not exceeding 90 days.

- Purchase Protection Insurance Policy up to $3,000.

 Any item bought in Lebanon or abroad with your Bank Audi MasterCard Titanium card will be automatically protected against damage, theft or loss for a full 90-day period from the date of purchase.

A Host of Extra Privileges

As a MasterCard Titanium cardholder, you will benefit from a world of extra privileges, which include:

- The Priority Pass Membership which gives you access to the VIP airport lounges at over 900 participating lounges worldwide, no matter which class you are flying.

- The IAPA Membership which offers you discounts at hotels and car rental services, as well as many privileges such as luggage protection and a Dedicated International Reservation Service.

* For cards with the full-option feature.

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