Enhancing your travel expense management

Lodge Card is designed to offer companies a comprehensive and centralized travel payment solution with added security features and benefits. The Lodge card is personalized in the company’s name and held at the designated travel agency to perform all the company’s bookings and travel arrangements.

A safer booking method

 With the Lodge card, companies can:

Avoid being exposed to any payment misuse or fraud with the restricted card usage feature. This card does not contain a magnetic stripe and can not be used online or for cash withdrawal or even for transactions outside the designated travel agency.

Insures your employees while traveling

 With the Lodge card, comes peace of mind thanks to the travel accident and emergency insurance policy that covers employees during that business trips for up to 90 days when the tickets are booked using the Lodge card.

The insurance policy covers up to $100,000 per employee, for an unlimited number of trips per year.

Payment Flexibility

 The Lodge card, offers payment flexibility since the monthly amount due can be paid in full or in installments. The company can also benefit from a grace period of up to 45 days to settles the due amount.

Additional Benefits

 All expenditures made on the Lodge card at the designated travel agency will earn the company "Audi Rewards" points. Accumulated points can be redeemed for free Airline Tickets, Hotel and Car Rental vouchers from Bank Audi's Travel Rewards program or even for free gifts from the very diverse and rich "Audi Rewards"  catalogue