Birthday Card

Happy Birthday!

Would you like to offer a gift that has the perfect color, size and style?

Don't waste your time deciding on what to buy and queing at stores. The "Birthday" Gift Card from Bank Audi can help you meet all of your gift-giving needs.

The "Birthday" Card is a reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that can be used at any store that accepts MasterCard cards in Lebanon and that allows you to offer your friends and relatives the perfect present.

It comes in two designs and colors.


Reloadable, Flexible and easy to track

The "Birthday" gift card can be reloaded, which means, you can use it repeatedly until the expiry date.

You can easily reload it through the following channels:

  1. Bank Audi branch

  2. Bank Audi ATM


You can even check your card balance through:

  1. ATM using any ATM displaying the MasterCard logo.
  2. Telephone by calling our customer service on: 01-212120.
  3. Online on

Easy to get

Visit any Bank Audi branch.

Fill in the application form and provide a copy of your ID.

Pay for the card fee: $10.

Load the card with cash amounts ranging from $20  to $250.