ABC Classic

Style takes shape

The ABC Co-Branded card from Bank Audi is a trendy and modern card combining the financial flexibility of a credit card, the rewarding system of a loyalty card and the revolutionary innovation of a contactless payment card.

The new ABC Card is the ultimate companion card for your everyday purchases; it comes in 2 categories:

- Platinum

- Classic



The ABC Classic credit card offers an attractive 0% interest feature for the first 3 months on all purchases of $300 and above at ABC Department Stores Ashrafieh and Dbayeh during new collection seasons in April and October.

Happy Monday

Benefit from 10% discount* every Monday at ABC Department Stores.

* on ABC brands


Accumulate points every time you use your card inside and outside ABC Department Stores:

- 1 point for every $1 spent inside ABC Department Stores and franchise stores.
- 1 point for every $10 spent outside ABC Department Stores and franchise stores.

Redeem your points against "ABC Gift Vouchers" or "ABC Travel Privileges".

ABC Gift Voucher:

Redeem every 2,000 points against a $50 gift vouchers.

ABC Travel Privileges:

Redeem your points with the following travel privileges: airline tickets, travel packages, hotels, car rental and travel specials such as extra weight luggage and airport taxes.

To check the point's balance on your ABC credit card, click here.


- Welcome gift: your ABC Classic credit card will be credited with 300 welcome bonus points, and 2 free entrances to ABC playground.

- Fashion experience*: for every $300 spent inside and outside ABC Department Store, cardholders will get the chance to win exclusive packages to attend international fashion events.

- Private sales, exclusive promotions and events: be the first to get advanced access to sales, and an invitation to exclusive promotions and events.

- Birthday gift: receive automatic bonus points on your birthday as well as special gifts.

- Free delivery shopping: with a minimum purchase of $500 inside ABC Department Store.

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