Aïshti Platinum

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Welcome to the Aïshti Platinum Card: a world that gives you access to a wide range of benefits and offers all year long, in fashion, lifestyle, spa treatments, fitness and fine dining. Keep in vogue while enjoying the gastronomic delights and cultural activities that await you.

The Aïshti MasterCard Co-Branded card from Bank Audi is designed for sophisticated customers looking for luxury brands and personalized customer care. The Aïshti Platinum card rewards you every time you shop at Aïshti and even outside of Aïshti chain stores.

Have it all with the Aïshti Co-Branded Card.

Exclusive Reward Program "AïPoints"

Apply now for the Aïshti Platinum credit card and get points as a welcome bonus to start you off on the loyalty program.

With the exclusive Reward program "AïPoints", you can accumulate points every time you use your card inside or outside Aïshti stores.

Welcome Bonus:

Aishti Platinum cardholders will earn 1,000 AïPoints

Points Accumulation:

Aishti Platinum cardholders will earn 8 AïPoints for every $10 spent at any Aïshti store and 1 AïPoint for every $10 spent outside Aïshti stores

10% discount at & 4% gift voucher

Aïshti Platinum cardholders benefit from 10% discount on all their purchases with the Aïshti Platinum card and get  4% gift voucher as well.

For every $2,500 spent on the card, the Aïshti Platinum cardholder accumulates 2,000 AïPoints redeemable against a $100 Gift Voucher, representing 4% of the $2,500.


The gift voucher is redeemed twice a year in March and September. 

Discounts cannot be acumulated with any other discounts and promotions and are not applicable at Cartier and Dior.

The 10% discount is applicable during the first year and is conditional on an annual spending of $10,000/year for subsequent years. The 4% gift voucher will remain applicable even if the client doesn't spend $10,000/year

0% Interest on Purchases for the First Three Months

Pay in Installments: Spend with ease.

The Aïshti Platinum card offers an attractive installment plan with 0% interest for a 3-month period for a minimum single purchase of $500 inside Aïshti stores.

The Installment feature, is valid at all Aïshti stores, Ï Day Spa, Urban Retreat Spa and People restaurant.

Free Access to VIP Airpot Lounges Across the MENA Region

Avoid the hassle of waiting in crowded airport halls and enjoy Free Access to VIP Airport Lounges across the Middle East and Levant upon presenting your card.
To check the list of participating lounges, click here 

Free Supplementary Cards

The Aishti Platinum cardholder will benefit from 3 Free Supplementary Cards.

Additional Perks

Aihsti Platinum cardholders can access a wide range of benefits such as: 

Fashion Experience: Every $500 charged to the card at Aïshti stores make the cardholder eligible to enter a prize draw to win one of several yearly packages to exclusive international fashion events.

Discounts at Ï Day Spa, Urban Retreat Spa and People restaurant.

Free subscription to A Magazine and L'Officiel.

Notifications in advance to private sales and special promotion days.

Fast track privileges: Cardholders will be given priority for any required alteration.

Invitations to private events and cultural soirees.

Free entrance to the Aïshti Foundation, an awe-inspiring collection of artworks.

Home delivery for purchases over $4,000.

Fresh towels and t-shirts are provided upon a yearly gym membership.

Cardholders will be informed of the latest fashion and lifestyle news with the Aïshti newsletter.