IAPA The International Airline Passengers Association is the world's most prestigious and influential travelers' association.

IAPA membership includes:

 - IAPA Hotel Program

 - IAPA Car Rental Program

 - Worldwide Luggage Protection

 - Hotel and Car Rental Directory

 - IAPA’s International Reservation Offices

IAPA Hotel Program

 Through the IAPA Hotel Program the cardholder can:

  1. Save at thousands of the world's most prestigious hotels
  2. Get access to IAPA Special Offers
IAPA Car Rental Program

IAPA members the cardholder will enjoy:

  1. Savings of up to 30% on rates on worldwide car rentals
  2. FREE upgrade vouchers
IAPA Luggage Protection
IAPA provides the cardholder with:

Bag-Guard: It is a worldwide system that quickly retrieves lost luggage and other valuables. The cardholder can protect his luggage with IAPA's unique Bag-Guard tags. Should checked-in luggage become lost he can simply notify the airline and then call the IAPA Membership Office who will initiate a search via the airline's transportation system. IAPA will track down the luggage and arrange to have it returned to him.

The IAPA Hotel and Car Rental Directory

As part of the membership the cardholder will receive a handy pocket-sized directory listing of over 5,000 hotels* and the savings available at them Plus details on car  rental savings.The directory is an instant reference guide.

*Due to space constraints, not all participating hotels are listed in the IAPA directory but you can access IAPA savings at over 19,000 hotels when you become a member as well as book online at over 50,000 hotels.

IAPA's International Reservation Offices

IAPA's Members have a dedicated booking service, where experts are on hand to make the hotel reservations and car rental bookings.
IAPA members can make their reservation:


By Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8865 3274 (Flights),

                                 +44 (0) 20 8865 3275 (Hotels),

                                 +44 (0) 20 8865 3271 (Car Rentals)

By Fax: +44 (0) 8656 2852

By Email: reservations.london@iapa.com


By Telephone: +971 (4) 436 4833

BY Fax: +971 (4) 436 4889

By Email: reservations.dubai@iapa.com

You can always visit :www.iapa.com for further details